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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In God We Trust

We eurosceptics thought that the constitution was dead. When the Federasts started to pretend that it wasn't, we scorned them, thinking it would need a miracle to revive it. Now Angela is appealing to the leader in the provision of such miracles:

Europe's "Christian values" should be enshrined in a new version of the EU constitution, the German chancellor declared yesterday after meeting the Pope.
So she thinks that appealing to a higher court will do the trick.


wonkotsane said...

Turkey will be impressed, what with being a muslim country and all.

Merkel is a nazi, she needs teaching a lesson. The people have said no and they meant no.

Serf said...

Thats probably one of her aims, to upset Turkey.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

Mr Serf,

His Grace has (of course) posted on this development here.

It is interesting that for all the EU's 'agendas', 'interests', or 'priorities', whenever one tries to look at the quest for a 'European religion', one is dismissed as a 'conspiracy theorist' obsessed with 'plots'.

David Webster said...

Quote from Mrs. Merkel:
I emphasised the need for a constitution [with the Pope]
Yeah, he's the sort of person who can be easily persuaded.

1) Why is she talking about the future of europe with the pope?
2) I think she must be the only one who thinks a constitution is needed. All the other federalists are along for the ride, as they know the constitution has already been implemented.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Is the papal state even a member of the EU?