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Monday, August 28, 2006

Helpful Government Regulation

I'm back, and to my surprise, not, nothing ever changes. EU regulations threaten yet more jobs.

North Sea oil industry employers fear that upcoming U.K. legislation putting offshore oil and gas workers outside U.K. territorial waters under E.U. rules covering working hours and holidays will lead to legal claims that could close large parts of their business.
Of course the fact that the workers spend days at a time away from home, means that the most logical form of employment is for them to work long hours whilst there, and then spend days at a time on shore. If they get to spend hours more hanging around on a rig, but lose some of their shore leave, will they be happier?

Thats to completely ignore the cost side of it all. As the North Sea fields become ever more depeleted, they become more marginal too. At $70+ a barrel, that made not be a problem, but who guarantees that the prices will not fall?

Never mind logic and common sense, this is the usual evil axis of EU rules and UK idiots that has done so much damage in so many ways. Everything must be harmonised and damn the consequences.


Joey B said...

Surely an oxymoron.

Serf said...

Yes, it was meant to be :)