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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Selfish Intransigence

This is the way in which the USA and EU are being described after the failure of the WTO trade talks.

The round had hit a roadblock “because the US and the EU refuse to stop dumping by cutting real money from their agricultural support”, Oxfam International said.
Having read that though I can't agree. After all the selflessness of EU and US consumers and taxpayers is praiseworthy indeed. They are apparently willing to pay more than necessary for their food as well as excess tax for the sake of their farmers. Personally, I would like to see a little more selfishness from Europe's consumers.


FranceSucks said...

The pub talk here all blames just the US. Why am I not surprised? The US is the MOST FREE TRADE country in the world. I can easily buy Chinese and Indian goods which are non-existant in europe. I don't know what caused the talks to break down but I find it very hard to believe the US is at fault.

dizzy said...

I couldn't beleive it when I heard we were blaming the US

Serf said...

The US does deserve some of the blame. The fact that US cotton growers are subsidised, whilst their cheaper competitors starve is disgusting. However, whenever a trade deal fails, the EU and agriculture is always there somewhere.

FranceSucks said...

99.999999% of US cotton is genetically modified and illegal in euroserfdom. I bet the eurowankers tried to spin their continued blockade of US GM crops as US intransigence