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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Your Children Are Our's

As if the current level of powers of meddling were not enough to explode the heads of Eurosceptics everywhere, they are coming for your children. I give you the European curriculum

A draft of the European Commission's recommendations sets out how European citizens should use their native languages, with knowledge of "basic vocabulary" and "functional grammar". The draft says citizens should have a "positive attitude towards communication in the mother tongue", based on a willingness to strive for "aesthetic qualities" and an interest in interaction with others.

Typical Eurospeak, full of platitudes that mean nothing. The real issue is that we should be considering allowing the EU to have even an opinion on education. After all the way it works is 1) Opinion, 2) Recommendation, 3) Area of interest, 4) Qualifies majority voting.

Don't give them an inch, or we will see a wholesale take over. Don't listen to me, a man of far more stature is saying the same thing.

Conservative higher education spokesman, Boris Johnson, described the government's support for the proposals as "madness" today.
Followed by:
"What we have here is the first attempt to use the European curriculum to create what the commission regards as its ultimate goal - a common European identity."
Glad someone else recognises their game.


AntiCitizenOne said...

I think this Euro Volk idea won't work.

Just look at the football. How many English supporters (apart from those who noticed the hotties in the crowd) would cheers for fellow EU coup victim Sweden?

Edward said...

It will weaken the nation states further though, providing more influence for a defunct centralised and centralising EU.

David Webster said...
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Mike D said...

Hi Serf. OT What do you reckon to the new wine lake policy?

Anonymous said...

Daniel Hannan has already pointed out the EU -- "Colour in my country, Europe" that was distributed around our schools...

It's a known way to change a culture -- affect the children's opinions. That's why there are so many environmentalists who are young, no?

David Webster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

sounds like something the French have put in to protect the "purity" of their language