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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Green Calling

Following on from the hyperbole of the week, I thought this report was interesting:

The new annual report on the EU's greenhouse gas emissions published on 22 June by the European Environment Agency showed an increase of 0.4%, following an increase by 1.5% in the previous year.
That wonderful EU that we need to be able to save the planet is at best irrelevant.


David Webster said...

Especially since Britain, on its own, will probably meet the kyoto targets.

The report says that the revelation is "undermining its position as world leader in the fight against global warming" World leader? It's been useless on global warming from day one.

So much for the "together we are stronger" EU rhetoric - We're better than them on the environment, but they, like normal, they don't admit it. Typical.

Anonymous said...

Actually it may be much worse than this.

FranceSucks said...

I have to repost my earlier comment "I was just in Austria and make the observation that I spent 10% or so of my time waiting for government toll booths or idling at checkpoints. The EU has no problem heaving taxes and penalties on private companies for Kyoto but I would put money they never will reduce their own bureaucracy to streamline traffic and reduce greenhouse gas emmissions. " Luddite Socialism is clearly more concerned about people feeling good about themselves at the voting booth than actually accomplishing what they say. On another note, european diesels on average are as fuel efficient (CO2 also) as the best hybrids being sold in the US. Western environmental policy is clearly random and abritrary.