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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The EU to Bring us The Internet

No doubt they will get Al Gore to advise them on this.

Ministers of 34 European countries have endorsed a plan to bring internet technology to more people throughout Europe, setting e-Inclusion targets such as halving the gap in internet usage by groups at risk of exclusion, boosting broadband coverage to at least 90 per cent, and making all public web sites accessible by 2010.
Wonderful, I feel much happier now. All those poor folks who were hoping to perhaps find a job, will be given internet access instead.

The modern Marie Antoinette:

Let Them Watch Porn


AntiCitizenOne said...

Bet you they plan to fund it by a tax on IT stuff.

SPL said...

I disagree. This is a good proposal. I think broadband coverage is something which is most effectively provided collectively, by the state, or even the EU. Adam Smith himself advocated state intervention for some infastructure, and broadband is the modern infastructure. Cities in South Korea have full broadband coverage, and this should be something we aspire to.

AntiCitizenOne said...


"I think broadband coverage is something which is most effectively provided collectively,"

Hahaha, surely you are taking the piss? Maybe telecoms as well? Everyone remembers the dynamic state run Royal Mail Telecoms with their weeks long waits for a phone!

David Webster said...

Other countries not in the EU appear to be in on the act. If they can do it, why should we be told that we have to be inside?

"Cities in South Korea have full broadband coverage..." You don't have to go to south korea, we have broadband access in our cities too.

Croydonian said...

Not a very good example to pick on SPL - the market has already provided broadband at a price that anyone who runs to a land line can afford and there is no 'market failure' in the provision of ADSL / cable. Or maybe you think that the EU should be in the business of dishing out 'free' PCs?

chris said...

My I cannot wait, all the years of whistling down the phone line then painstakingly reconstructing my porn on graph paper will finally be over.