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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brown Pick a Losing Battle

Gordon the thief, is trying to improve his image prior to his coronation. His latest gimmick is to play tough on the EU, and try to undo the "deal" that Our Dear Leader made over the budget.

Gordon Brown has launched an extraordinary attempt to claw back almost £100 million a year for Britain from a European Union budget deal struck last year by Tony Blair.
He knows he will lose, but wants to look tough and eurosceptic. As a Briton far greater than he might have said, Full of sound and fury, signifiying nothing.


Ellee Seymour said...

Blair should never given the money up in the first place and as the report says, the other countries will never agree to it being reinstated.

David Webster said...

The 24 other countries don't matter. The commission is against it, so that's that. EU politics is so final in that respect.

Gordon robs the public, now he want to be robbing the EU of the money that he robbed from the British people.

I'm all for a bit of highway robbery if the EU is concerned. It's a shame that it will never happen.