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Monday, May 01, 2006

Power Grab

Now and again a story will surface, which on its own explains so much of what is wrong with the EU. This is one such story:

At the heart of the French idea is the elimination of national vetoes in justice and police cooperation and workers' protection rules, through a legal construction which does not require a change in current EU treaties.
In case you are in any doubt, that means removing the vetoes that exist in current treaties, without having to alter the treaties themselves or create new treaties superseding them. This single idea contains within it almost all of the false ideas that sustain this worthless project.
  1. The project is so important that procedure, rules and democracy are irrelevant
  2. Momentum is everything. Whether an idea is good or bad is less relevant than whether it keeps the juggernaut moving.
  3. The people are fools and need to be bullied. Just because they voted against the Constitution does not mean we can listen to them.
  4. Taking over more powers is always good. Getting rid of vetoes is not questioned from a logical standpoint, it’s obviously a good idea.
  5. Countries that wish to keep control of areas of policy that others think should be EU controlled, are just being obstructive.
  6. France can use the EU to solve all of its problems at everyone else expense.
Such a shame that these stories never get the dissection they deserve.


chris said...

Momentum is everything. There is no logical argument for the EU, integration continues because everybody is still going through the motions. But the momentum is also fading. So sooner or later, and probably sooner, the EU is going to break up.

Anonymous said...

I'll echo everything Chris said, but instead of "sooner or later," I'd say "sooner rather than later." It's wishful thinking on my part, of course, but it's also what I actually expect.

Serf said...

Chris is right. This is why they must not be allowed to get the ball rolling again.

That is why, despite not going nearly far enough, I think the idea of the Conservative party leaving the EPP could lead to all kinsa of things in the future.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's a brilliant little forensic analysis, Serf! You're right to entitle the piece "Power grab", for that is essentially what it is. The same sort of idiocy comes up again and again over the centuries, the same sort of idiots promote it, and, unfortunately, the general population is always very slow to recognise it for what it is. It reminds me of the classic "snake-oil" sales pitch:- the salesman will always give some "reason" why "this time it's different, this time, this wonder-cure is exactly what's needed" (even though no scientific, rational support can be provided, and it flies in the face of all accumulated human knowledge and wisdom).