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Friday, April 21, 2006

Water Regulations to Wash Away Small Business

It’s bad enough that regulations have made water more expensive across the UK. The water companies have invested vast sums of money meeting new regulations rather than mending their infrastructure, hence the hosepipe bans. Now new decrees from the Eternal City are to put small businesses in Rural areas in trouble.

Thousands of small, rural businesses face paying annual charges of more than £600 for tests on their private water supplies, from July. They could also have to pay thousands of pounds to upgrade supplies to meet a European directive covering drinking water.
Now if I believed for a single minute that these rules were based on a reasonable assessment of the cost benefit analysis, I would say nothing. But I am willing to bet that not a single life will be saved whilst jobs are lost in areas of the country least able to cope. Never mind though, I’m sure that the jobsworths that do the audits will be happy.

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