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Monday, April 03, 2006

Statesman Juncker's Wisdom

Man of great Stature that he is,Jean-Claude Juncker has been sharing his thoughts with the German edition of FT. He is criticising the European Commission.

"I criticise the communication strategy of the commission…It gives the impression that everyone who puts questions to planned or ongoing mergers should automatically be a protectionist.
What he calls a government that stops foriegn takeovers is not mentioned.
Mr Juncker also showed he supports Paris' interventionism in substance, saying he understands that European governments resist a Europe which is only interested in the market.
Which brings us back the the problem at the heart of the EU. Idiots like Juncker and his fellow federasts, accept some freeing up of markets as a way of achieveing the useless political union that they dreams of. The average Brit, and his Eastern friends, accept a certain amount of political union in exchange for access to a big market. But in the end, we are never going to agree to a finalcompromise. Every time one side gets happy, the other is downcast. Its like having a social club for Cats & Dogs. We just do not fit together.

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