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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Euro Parliament Rent Scam

The city of Strasbourg have been over charging the European Parliament for rent.

The French city of Strasbourg has been overcharging the European Parliament up to €2.7 million a year in rent for as long 25 years
What other organisation could over pay and not notice it for so long? No wonder our money is being so badly spent on everything else.


Louise said...

The Home Office?

Mr Eugenides said...

The whole Strasbourg arrangement is a scam and a complete disgrace - after the CAP, it's possibly the most egregious, absurd, and insane waste of money in the entire EU setup.

Which is saying something.

Ellee Seymour said...

I have to laugh at the sheer audacity of the French. The Conservative MEPs have been trying for years to get the EP sittings in Strasbourg abolished because of the huge waste of time and money.

It is the equivalent of our MPs and civil servants packing their bags, ordering their staff to do the same, and traipsing to Edingburgh to vote on parliamentary issues every month.

It serves no purpose other than to appease the French, which is why it was established in the first place.

The answer to your question is, ask the French....

Ellee Seymour said...

Just visited your blog for the first time this evening, don't know why it never happened before, but I am amazed by your blogroll, I will be back tomorrow.

The only problem is, I have so much work to do and it gets left when I'm blogging, the dinner gets burnt and the kids complain they never see me, hubby says I'm a blog bore, yet it is so addictive and endlessly absorbing.

Matthew Sinclair said...

I don't know. You could look on Strasbourg and the other examples of genuine EU waste as being a good thing under the Free Cash Flow hypothesis.

I.e. if they're spending the money on their shiny new headquarters they're at least not spending it impoverishing poor Africans. There at least isn't an active harm (pricing out new entrants to the Strasbourg property market).

It's not an ideal solution but has to have some merit. Hmm... I'm going to have to think about this some more. Sorry to muse all over your beautiful blog.

ContraTory said...

I used to be enthusiastic about the EU (or rather the EEC, as was) but it seems to go from bad to worse.

Serf said...


It takes a long time to build up a blogroll like that.