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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Defence of the European Realm

The state of the Defence industry in most European Countries would make a Soviet Tractor manufacturer cry. Out dated technology, low sales, late deliveries and incompatibility all come as standard. A proper free market would be a help.

Creating a more open “European Defence Equipment Market” (EDEM) between Member States is the theme of a public consultation launched by the European Commission today.
So what are we to think? Judging by the EU’s past record on such things, an ostensibly free market project will turn into a political one. National champions will continue to exist and certain countries will still play by the old rules. Not that you can blame them. Can you imagine trying to actually use your limited military capability when the country that manufacturers your spare parts doesn’t share your views? You couldn’t proceed without the acquiescence of all your "European Partners".

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