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Monday, February 27, 2006

Sponsor a Terrorist, Please give Generously

With competition in Global Terror at an all time high, many terrorist organisations are finding it hard to make ends meet. Of course they could hold sponsored Infidel Decapitations, or go door to door, but that just doesn't raise enough money. So what is a Respectable Market Leader in Exploding Teenager Services suppose to do? It needs a Tranzi International Organisation to provide it with funds. All in the interests of peace, of course. Luckily for Hamas, a highly respected provider of "dead school children" and "burning restaurants", such an organisation exists.

European Union foreign ministers are expected to continue providing millions of euros in aid for much-needed funds to the Palestinian caretaker government today.
So in answer to my oft repeated question, can the EU get more illogical and immoral than the CAP? Unfortunately they can.

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