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Thursday, February 09, 2006

EU Gives Up on Freedom of Speech

Following the extreme and violent reaction across the Muslim world, to the publishing of the cartoons, the EU has decided to act. Will they ask members to withdraw ambassadors from Syria, will they freeze aid to countries that condone violence, and will they stand up for freedom? Of course not, this is the EU.

The European Union may try to draw up a media code of conduct to avoid a repeat of the furor caused by the publication across Europe of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.
If in doubt, muzzle the press.
The code would be drawn up by the European Commission, the EU executive body, and European media outlets. It would not have legal status.
Like all the other ideas that emanate from Brussels. It will not have legal status until everyone has been strong armed into agreement. In the EU, the concept of fundamental rights includes the “right to union representation” but not apparently, the right to free speech. Also posted on Rightlinks

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