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Monday, February 20, 2006

Anti Dumping

Why is it we have to rely on the Danes to stand up to those trying to remove our rights.

Bendt Bendtsen, Danish Minister of Economic and Business Affairs, has written a letter to the FT complaining about antidumping duties:

In my view anti-dumping policy should not be used to counteract globalisation and increased competition, if there is no need. Anti-dumping measures can be taken only if convincing proof of unfair competition can be found and if it is in the wider interest of the European Union.

Too right, it should not be used as a protectionist measure.

He gives the example of Chinese Shoes

The total gain for the EU producers is just above €100m a year if an anti-dumping duty of 40 per cent is being levied on leather shoes from China and Vietnam. For the consumers and the user industries in the EC the total loss can be estimated to approximately €975m per year.
Despite this almost 10 to 1 ratio, what is the betting that producers have the bigger and better lobby, and are therefore able to punish the rest of us.

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