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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

They Just Can’t Stop Themselves

One of my top grouses about the EU, is that much of what they set out to do is stupid and worthless. There is no other way to describe it. Take this:

LAWS that threaten the British “pinta” and traditional loaf of sliced bread are set to be waved through the European parliament this week. Dairy farmers and British MEPs are fighting a last-ditch campaign to block the moves to harmonise packaged food across the European Union.
Can anyone give me a reasonable reason why food packaging needs to be harmonised at an EU level? What kind of idiot, spends his days worrying that the British drink pints of milk and have different sized loaves of bread? Where is the harm in it? The problem is that if you have an unnecessary European Government, its powers will be used. They have to justify their jobs. This is why I don’t belong to the reform wing of Euroscepticism. Reform it to do what exactly? The only answer is to jettison the whole thing. Update: It seems that the story this was based on was actually wrong.

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