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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

That Kind of Behaviour is Not Called For

Like most people who are interested in politics, I am passionate about what I believe in. When faced with what I think to be the stupidity of the opponent, I cannot help but get annoyed. I want political discussion to be adult, but I understand fully when it degenerates into a brawl. The European way is different. How can you quarrel, when the issue is solely about dividing the spoils of power? Consensus is just another word for apathy, not some ideal and consensus is something our European Friends do well. So somehow as disgusting an idea as this is, it is far from surprising.

The European Parliament will this week approve a strict new disciplinary code to stamp out banner-waving, heckling and other protests. British Eurosceptics say it targets anti-federalist MEPs.
The speaker in the House of Commons has an important role in controlling the debate. Supporters of the new measure like to pretend that they want something similar. The following sentence should show you that the Eurosceptics are right.
The president of the parliament, Josep Borrell, a Spanish Socialist, has long sought powers to clamp down on what he considers disruptive behaviour, such as waving national emblems during speeches.
A politician who waves his country’s flag during a debate is being disruptive? No doubt street fighting and rioting and other favourite left wing pursuits are nothing more than legitimate political intercourse. Also cross posted on Right Links

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