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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Protecting yEU

Right For Scotland has an excellent article about Galileo.

Essentially European leaders have decided to spend a load of other people’s cash on an ego project. Galileo is not only unnecessary but could be potentially dangerous for all of us.
Yes, more than the usual waste of cash, this is potentially dangerous.
What the EU proposes is to provide a system with greater accuracy and a greater update rate to compensate for “flaws” in the GPS system, in fact it has redundancy built in to defeat jamming thereby removing effective countermeasures to foreign weapons systems as well.
The much vaunted lack of accuracy in GPS is nothing more than a safety measure, something the Eurocrats fail to mention. So the “superior technology” could be used by the enemy to launch counter strikes. Finally, such an expensive system will need a source of income:
Europe hopes to tax every aircraft entering EU airspace for use of Galileo, and eventually be able to introduce road tolling by integrating this technology.
No doubt they will boast in ten years that this white elephant is actually profitable.

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