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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My Tin Foil Hat

I was surprised to discover that my beliefs about the EU are actually nothing more than a myth. I was a conspiracy theorist and I wasn't even aware. But I stand Corrected:

Former Europe Minister Dennis McShane said it was "an urban myth" to suggest that Britain's laws were decided by Europe.
As I am obviously reluctant to argue with a such a great intellect as Mr McShane, I have no other recourse but to apologise to my readers. I have been misleading you, the "so called" European Directives are nothing more than rough drafts of the Beano, CAP has nothing to do with agriculture and is actually a contraceptive. As for the regular meetings that the European Leaders have is actually a Bowling League. Sorry for misleading you and I hope my family can forgive me for the shame I have brought onto them. I am disposing of my Tin Foil hat immediately.

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