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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Cherry Picking the Constitution

Contrary to the official line of the politburo, one of the commissioners has suggested Cherry Picking the Constitution
Mr Barrot, a commission vice-president and transport commissioner, told Austrian daily Kurier on Monday (2 January) that "only the reform of EU institutions and the fundamental rights [section]" could be cut out of the current constitution text and ratified separately. The commissioner added that other provisions in the text should be preserved as well, such as the extension of the areas of majority voting, the formula for member states’ voting weights and the new post of EU foreign minister. But the paragraphs on the division of competencies between the EU and its member states could be sacrificed, according to the senior commissioner.
Take 300 odd pages of legal straight jacket, remove a few paragraphs and bobs your uncle. The people will really fall for that one. Why don’t they just carry on the stealth implementation that they have been doing, it seems to be working. Just one thing confuses me. Cherry picking means taking the best bits does it not? The best bit of the constitution was the party they held for its launch, everything else is toilet paper. So how can they cherry pick when there is no cherry trees?

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