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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Spineless Tony

So he has done it. Our Dear Leader has decided to give up some of our rebate in exchange for absolutely nothing at all. But never mind, Billions of pounds of our cash is obviously worth it if it stops unpleasantness.

The deal averts the threat of deep political rifts within the EU as well as delays over further enlargement, with Macedonia on Saturday gaining EU candidate status.
So I guess that makes it OK then. The BBC has a totally warped view of the deal:

One British diplomat likes to describe the cuts to the East as like mugging someone, giving them a nice cup of tea, and then driving them home. In fact it was cleverer than that - more like mugging someone and then offering them first a fiver and then a tenner back out of their own wallet.

Of course the BBC has problems with the concept of what constitutes our money, funded as it is by extortion. The rebate is our cash being given back, not us taking anyone elses. So we have caved in on the principle of the rebate, without any deal on CAP and the government considers this to be a success. Wrong in principal, wrong in practise. As usual over the EU our government has done all the wrong things, just so as to "keep our influence in Europe" Well, Tony, I have a question for you. Whats the use in influence if it doesn't even let us keep our own money?

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