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Friday, December 30, 2005

Peace On Earth, Good Will to All Europeans

We are often told that the EU is about peace. Its all about us showing respect for each other. (whilst destroying our individualş differences with harmonising directives). Only Red Danny and his fellow MEPs stand between us and another German invasion of Poland. If it were not for the Common Agricultural Policy, meek minded Swedes, would be killing Greeks, whilst the Dutch would doubtless nuke the United Kingdom. But instead, we have the great love in they call the EU. Until now that is:

Three naked models masked as Jacques Chirac, Queen Elizabeth and George W. Bush depicted in sexual positions have caused embarrassment just a few days ahead of Austria taking over the EU helm.
Much as I am in awe of the virility of the Great Chirac (He manages to screw our dear leader at every summit), I fail to see how depicting heads of state, in a threesome, on billboards, can do anything to bring us together. But then again, its art isn't it darling, which must make me a Knuckle Dragging Philistine!

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