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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Quisling MEPs fight back

Conservative Party leadership hopeful, David Cameron, made a pledge to break the party’s ties with the Federast EPP in the European Parliament. The move looks eminently sensible and overdue, as the Conservative Party, with a small number of exceptions, is a Eurosceptic party, whilst EPP has yet to see a centralizing further integration that it didn’t like. Not everyone is happy though.
David Cameron’s pro-EU followers complain that a policy he has adopted to woo Eurosceptics from his rival, David Davis, is “cloud cuckoo land” and will inevitably lead to an open rebellion among the party’s MEPs.
Which raises a big question about the party. Why do we have MEPs whose views on European integration so obviously do not mesh with the sceptical beliefs of majority of the party members.
Tory MEPs issued a warning that this would leave them utterly marginalised in Europe, depriving them of all influence and forcing them into ties with racist and neo-fascist parties.
Typical EU style argument. Claim that the only alternative to the one true path is Xenophobia and Fascism. The argument about being marginalised is rubbish. You do not grab power by working with people whose beliefs are diametrically opposed to yours. The Conservative Party is a big enough to set out on its own and to try and draw in other centre right parties, that like them are not federasts. It is a chance to swap temporary impotence for an opportunity to be a catalyst for major change in the EU Parliament. Only a slimy self serving politician or a believer in ever closer union would turn it down.

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