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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Please Somebody Shoot Me

I have got used to reading bad news every single day. Its a big downside of being an EU critic, you have to notice just how bad things are, whilst everyone else takes no notice. This however is bad even by Brussels standards.
BRUSSELS unveiled detailed proposals yesterday that would for the first time create a body of pan-European criminal law and force member states to punish citizens who transgress it.
What you ask is so different about this from all the other power grabs?
The ruling means that for the first time in legal history, a British government and Parliament will no longer have the sovereign right to decide what constitutes a crime and what the punishment should be.
So we as people become ever more the Serf’s of Brussels, unable to influence even the slightest bit, decisions that will effect all of our lives. Interestingly, one of the first seven such Pan European Crimes is to be:
Counterfeiting euro notes and coins.
They want the power to protect their empire. If this is what we get after the commission’s little project gets rejected by the public, I wonder how bad things would have been if we had passed the constitution. It doesn’t bear to think about it.

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