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Monday, November 07, 2005

Give us Cash or the Starving Africans will Get It !!

The debate that will not go away:
The European Union nations return to debating EU funding for the years ahead Monday.
Everyone wants Britain’s rebate, Britain wants to reform CAP. France doesn’t want to change the agricultural system.
France has resisted any tampering with farm subsidies of which it gets almost 25%.
Barroso, is trying to portray those who stand in the way of agreement as selfish.
European Commission President warned that not getting a budget plan by year's end would jeopardize aid distribution to the 10 new, mostly poorer EU nations that joined the club last year. He warned a delay could also force the scrapping of aid to poor countries in Africa.
Quick reality check her, it’s the 2007 budget we are talking about. How not getting agreement before the end of 2006 is going to cause these problems is a mystery. Also notice how he doesn’t suggest that MEP’s might get their expenses late or that propaganda budgets might be cut. It’s the hostage takers approach to budget negotiation, give me the money or this attractive woman / innocent child, will be brutally murdered.

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