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Friday, November 25, 2005

First they came for the Hedgehogs

We know the EU is a cruel and evil organisation, but now they have started targeting baby hedgehogs. This from Tiggiewinkles Animal Hospital.

The small table lamps all our foster team use to keep baby orphan mammals warm. These were inexpensive and took coloured bulbs that warmed the infants without blinding them. Now European whatnots have decided that these inexpensive table lamps should only take bulbs with Edison saw fitting. And guess what else? They have also decided that coloured bulbs (40W and 25W) should not have Edison saw fitting, but should retain the old type bayonet cap.
So the baby hedgehogs will not have anything to keep them warm. Some idiot in Brussels decides a standard for something as simple as table lamps, and suddenly orphaned baby animals are put in danger. Central Planning; its not fit for animals.

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