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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The European Social Model

We Anglo Saxons are not like our kinder more caring brethren to the South and East of us. We have an economic system red in tooth and claw, where those who are not born into wealth and privilege are cursed to a life of toil, poverty and sickness. These lands are a terrible place to be if you are an ethnic minority. All the best jobs go to people called Piers and Roger whilst all that is left for you is the local supermarket. In France however the situation is so much better. France you see is a social democratic country, where the word equality is part of their national motto. Nobody is allowed to be left behind. Except of course the real world doesn’t work like that. France has massive unemployment. What’s more those most likely to find themselves in this position are those unfortunate enough to be young and with less than average education. They are also most likely to be immigrants or the children of immigrants. You see, when faced with high minimum wages, the impossibility of sacking people and excessive anti discrimination laws, the rational thing to do is not to employ those whose productivity is below average. They cost more than they are worth, you can’t sack them, and they might sue you if they get upset. Unfair, you bet it is, but what would you do? Whereas working in a job, any job, is a good way to increase your value to other employers, the unemployed lose value as they sit around and lose motivation. If their mother tongue and culture is different they lose the chance to mix with the locals as well. Their Ghettoisation becomes psychological as well as physical. In fact, if you wanted to design a system to marginalise and radicalise the immigrant youth of a nation, it would be difficult to find a better way than the European Social Model. Much is said about the economic illiteracy of the European system, but the social cost is massive too. For all its perceived iniquities, free market capitalism is a system that punishes discrimination and finds a use for people whose skills and education are low. As such it is the true social model. So whilst France is in flames, a monument to economic stupidity and selfishness, is there any reason why we should accept EU directives pushing us in the same direction? Whilst the rich no doubt lose some of their options for making a profit with every unnecessary law the true losers are those already at the bottom of the pile, a fact illustrated by a continent incapable of creating jobs.

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