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Friday, October 21, 2005

Rebate under Threat Again

Despite no move toward cutting agricultural subsidies, the pressure to reduce Britain’s rebate is hotting up again.
Yesterday in Die Zeit newspaper, Mr Schröder reopened the wounds dating from June when he and Mr Blair clashed openly. The outgoing Chancellor said it was "almost negligence to let the negotiations on the Financial Perspective in June fail".
In case you have forgotten, this was the man whose 7 years at the helm in Germany were an unmitigated disaster. His instinct was to always back France, even at Germany’s expense and it was he who cut a deal keeping CAP unchanged until 2013. So as not to have to retread old ground, Our Dear Leader is asking to keep the upcoming summit on other issues.
Mr Blair has warned EU leaders including Jacques Chirac, the French President, that he will not allow next week's meeting at Hampton Court Palace to be turned into a renewed attack on Britain's rebate.
He should be so lucky. Access to our cash is the only thing that unites all 24 of our “partners”.

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