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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Moving Out of Reach

Isn’t it strange how those who complain most about companies relocating to cheaper locations are most to blame for them doing so in the first place. The EU’s attempts to force the chemical industry to shut up shop went one step forward yesterday.
The Parliament's environment committee voted to strengthen controls on hazardous chemicals and force firms to replace toxic chemicals with safer alternatives.
This is part of the REACH directive which has been attacked by the chemical industry as unnecessary and expensive. Not everyone is listening.
"People have said millions of jobs will be lost if the proposal was passed as it was today, but I think these are arguments that we shouldn't be heeding," Italian Socialist MEP Guido Sacconi
Perhaps millions is an exaggeration, but if you drive up the cost of doing business, those companies at the margins will close or move. Jobs will be lost. Funny how Guido’s socialist colleagues are so quick to scream every time a company does move it production out of Reach of the EU’s malevolent grip. Like leftists everywhere, they want to have their Cake and Eat it.

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