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Monday, September 12, 2005

Recycled Lies

Those on the Europhile wing of the Conservative Party, like to spin the story that Euroscepticism was somehow to blame for the party's recent troubles. The truth is that the party's credibility on economic matters was very high up until the disaster that was the ERM. Europe killed the Conservatives alright, but it was a programme adhered to under pressure from Europhiles. Fat Pang is of course paid a pension dependent upon his lying for the cause. His latest piece of tripe can be found in today's Guardian. His basic claims are 1) Eurosceptics ruined the Conservative Party 2) Only Ken Clarke can solve the problems All these years later and still talking bollocks. What Mr Patten and his ilk fail to realise is that Conservatism is about small government and personal responsibility. When Brussels gives up on continent wide socialism, he can expect the EU to become popular in Conservative circles. Until then he should keep his mouth shut.

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