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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Looking After Us

Once again, the EU has come up with an idea which whilst supposedly in our interest is going to end up killing some of us.
LIFE-saving treatments are to be banned in the UK because of "arbitrary" new European restrictions on the use of MRI scanners.
You see, these scanners, fairly surprisingly I’m sure you will agree, emit radiation. As former CND activists, the 68 generation that comes up with these ideas, were never clever enough to get a degree in science or engineering, but they know that Radiation is bad, man. They are at least willing to admit that they have no science on their side:
The authors of the EU directive acknowledge that "there is no conclusive scientific evidence establishing a causal relationship" between exposure to electro magnetic fields and long-term health problems.
But who needs science when you have the European ideal.
However, they say that Europe-wide legislation is necessary to create a level playing field and ensure that countries with stricter health and safety rules do not lose out.
As a two year old could undoubtedly point out, the best way for these countries not to lose out would be to have rules that are based on some kind of reasonable science. Just in case you thought the stupidity could get no worse, the situation for children will be even less conductive to their good health.
"If you start introducing arbitrary and stupid regulations such as this, you will force doctors to use less effective equipment or X-rays, which for children are a contradication [exposure to X-ray radiation has been proven to carry health risks for children]."
So the alternative is both more dangerous for the patients as well as having greater risk of misdiagnosis. This Directive is going to kill people. Bastards, there is no other word for them.

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