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Monday, September 05, 2005

China Summit

Our Beloved Leader is on a trip to China, where big deals could be signed and loadsa money could be made. Unfortunately, the Chinese are a little miffed with us at the moment because of the Bra wars.
This could be a big challenge to other more important issues. But the row over export quotas on Chinese garments illustrates the challenge of managing the emergence of a powerhouse with cheap labour and a manufacturing prowess feared by many of the EU's 25 members and the United States.
No actually it shows the total stupidity of our idea of trying to manage China at all. With respect to China, all of our political capital should be spent on issues which are of real importance, peace in the Taiwan Strait being one that springs to mind. The fact that we are willing to argue with a potential future super power (and a dictatorship at that) over cheap Bras, shows how screwed up our sense of priorities is.

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