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Friday, December 03, 2004

There will be no Domino Effect

The Guardian is breathing a sigh of relief over the Socialists agreeing to support the constitution.
France's socialists are not alone in breathing a sigh of relief after the opposition party's vote for the EU constitution. The result makes it more likely, though not certain, that the text will be approved in a national referendum next year and stop a domino effect of no votes blocking the required unanimous ratification of the new treaty.
I assume the large minority of French socialists who voted no are not among those who are happy with the result. Besides, a domino effect is unnecessary to stop the constitution, we can manage it all on our own.
The constitution clarifies the division of powers between the union and its member states, improves efficiency by creating a long term president and EU foreign minister, but does not give a significantly bigger role to Brussels.
Apart from the fact that significant is in the eye of the beholder, I am sure that many people will be made aware during the coming campaign, the extent to which we have already lost our sovereignty. I think many people will focus on that rather than exactly what extra powers we are transferring. I look on the bright side. The day after we the UK voter rejects this treaty, reading the guardian comment page will be a treat. That is if the Guardian commentators do not all die of shame or apoplexy first.

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