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Monday, January 22, 2007

Serbs Choose Wrong Parties

Now I am not the kind of person to warm to The Serbian Radical Party, but I do find the slant of the reporting a little strange. On TV, they kept being referred to as Eurosceptic, which they no doubt are, but thats a little like using the term for the BNP. This man is the party's leader and he is on trial for war crimes.

EU reaction was unsurprising.

"The majority voted for forces that are democratic and pro-European," said Javier Solana, the EU's foreign policy chief.
Which obviously begs the question of how a party can be both democratic and pro-EU. Also, the radical party may be a little extreme for your tastes, but they are not, to the best of my knowledge calling for a halt to the democratic process. All parties are anyway against Kosovo independence, not just the nationalists, an issue which is going to cause huge problems in the future.


Stan Bull said...

I also am not PART─░CULARLY enthused by the Serbian Radical Party. The EU compulsively interferes with other countries electoral processes, Slovkia, Austria and Cyprus have all experienced the EU's righteous wrath in recent years. While still European Commission Pres. Romano Prodi was massively involved in domestic politics. Why should non-members be trated any differently?

FranceSucks said...

You picked up on the EXACT same bias I did in the media serf. The Serbs are getting a bum rap. If Sarajevo gets annexed by Albanian muslims historians will mark this as the beginning of the capitualization of all of europe I am afraid. I wonder what the BBC will say when London (soon to be minority English) becomes a UN protectorate and applies to become part of Turkey or Pakistan?

Anonymous said...

"historians will mark this as the beginning of the capitualization"

Which historians? History is normally written by the victor.