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Monday, January 22, 2007

Britain 'turns blind eye to faulty EU laws

This gets worse and worse.

The Government has admitted signing up to new EU laws even though they may be illegal under European treaties
Read that again. New EU laws, are illegal under existing European treaties, and yet our representatives don't care.
A leaked letter from Geoff Hoon, the Europe Minister, shows that the Government turns a blind eye in Brussels to possible illegality because it can be used as a trade-off in EU negotiations.
So all 24 other members are so dead keen on passing a new illegal law, that they are willing to trade it for something? Someone remind me what we got in return, because nothing springs to mind.

Geoff Hoon, a rabid Europhile, is obviously not a believer in the rule of law:

"If EC legislation were in the public interest and it was in Britain's longer term interests to vote in favour the Government will support the measure even where it had doubts about the legal base".
The law is the only thing that protects us from these bastards. When they ignore it, what are we serfs supposed to do? Take to the streets? Suddenly lampposts and pieces of rope seem attractive. Could we challenge these laws in the courts?

Oh and Hoon you traitorous slime ball, EU legislation is never in Britain's interest.


The Leadership Blogger said...

TCN is that dangerous combination of being both utterly vacuous and a lickspittle bastard. The truth is it doesn't matter WHAT new atrocity the EU foists on us, because our politicians are signed up to shafting us for their dream of a United States of Europe.

I still hear the bastards telling us that EU memebrship "increases our influence" in European deciscion making, when now we are one voice among 25 instead of one in 12 or 15.


Unless we can get the sheeple onto the streets we are finnished,as a nation,democracy if we ever had it has failed us,it is well past time that we took violent action against the traitors that are willingly destroying us,this capitulation to foreign interests must not be allowed to continue.

FranceSucks said...

EU agriculture laws already supercede member state laws. I head on the BBC that Brazil nuts have been being turned away at the border because of high aflotoxin contents in the new completely retarded EU testing method that crushes the entire shell along with rotton nuts (that you would not eat anyway) and give an average content that is too high. The fact that the same nuts are accepted by the US (which is my opinion has far stricted are much more science based methods) reaffirms that EU bureacracy is largely a random fiefdom building affair.

Anonymous said...

hang on a minute - where's the parliamentary scrutiny of these new laws, or is parliament just being by-passed?

if parliament is being by-passed, then i'm afraid , we no longer have a functioning parliamentary democracy in the UK.

Serf said...

I still hear the bastards telling us that EU memebrship "increases our influence" in European deciscion making

Whilst simultaneously telling us that we should give up more of that influence.

Anonymous said...

"we no longer have a functioning parliamentary democracy in the UK.!

You got it!

See: EU threatening parliamentary democracy: "parliamentary democracy is under threat from the European Union which is slowly taking away all the national parliament's powers .. between 1999 and 2004, 84 percent of the legal acts ...stemmed from Brussels."

CityUnslicker said...

A new nadit. I keep thinking it can't get any lower. How wrong I am.


How do we go about finding which of these laws are illegal?It is in our interests to find them and contest them,has any-one any ideas?

Anonymous said...

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