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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Same Old Story

The story of the EU is a constant repetition of the same themes. Today's news is no different.

Germany and France have dug in against plans to dismantle continental Europe's massive energy monopolies after the launch of controversial measures to shake-up gas and oil supplies and curb global warming.
Those in Britain who support the existence of the EU, especially those who are Conservatives, argue that the EU is necessary for economic reasons. Creating a single market in energy, would be something that would gain their support.

Those supporters on the left, would particularly like efforts to combat global warming.

Yet the founder members of the EU, France & Germany, almost inevitably resist those moves which most logically (If there is a logic) fall under the remit of the EU. This neatly illustrates what I was saying the other day. Our so called partners want completely different things from the EU than we do. Hence the idea that it can be reformed is just wishful thinking

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