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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices

One of the things that worries me about the EU, is that even a hardened Sceptic such as myself, is always learning of EU incursions into our lives, often things that are very old news indeed. Today I read This post on the "Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices".

The failure of people to grasp that the Consumer Price Index isn't just some nasty thing dreamed up by Gordon Brown, but is the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices which was forced on us from the EU.
This I should have known but didn't. The National Statistics Office describes it thus:
Harmonised indices of consumer prices (HICPs) are constructed in each Member State of the European Union for the purpose of international comparisons of consumer price inflation.
Remember, this is the inflation index that was recently shown to be so unrealistic, reflecting virtually nobody's experience of prices. If even I don't know facts like these, how can the public be expected to understand the scale of our abject surrender?

1 comment:

FranceSucks said...

During the period after the introductin of the euro when common wisdom had it that prices increased between 50% and 200% in Holland the EU/Dutch politbureau gave an official inflaction figure of about 2%. More bullshit anyone? Yum Yum!