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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

To Join or Not to Join....

That is the question:

The latest poll, taken by research firm Norstat for Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), showed 48.3 percent of those questioned saying they don't want Norway to join the EU. Another 41.3 percent was in favour of EU membership.
This is a small decrease in support since last time. The interesting thing is that these polls are conducted all the time. Its almost as if the political class are waiting until the wind blows in the direction they want, before striking. After all they only have to be lucky once, their opponents need to be lucky always.


Anonymous said...

It's like the EU referendums where they will have them on a regular basis until they get the result they require...then never have another.

It is fundamentally dishonest.

Anonymous said...

It's the same situation in Switzerland I believe, where the politicians are slowly coaxing the country into the EU's 'sphere of influence' before it will become seemingly pointless for them not to join.

I tell myself I'm an EU reformist, one of the two or three people in the country who believes Britain can get something out of the EU. At heart, though, I suppose I'll always want my nation free from the bureaucracy of Brussels.