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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Go Forth and Multiply

The image on the left, shows the extent of the demographic problems that we face in Europe. The majority of European countries have fertility rates that spell disaster.

Even worse, those with higher fertility rates such as France and the UK, enjoy such a status, because the least integrated immigrant groups have large families and in the UK's case at least, chavs have more than their fair share.

Another worrying aspect is the huge number of births outside marriage, which spells worse social problems than we currently suffer.

All in all, Europe is dying, and all the activity that takes place in Brussels and Strasbourg, is just rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. I've done my bit, so now its up to you, go forth and multiply.

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Anonymous said...

I've done my bit

How are they doing?

so now its up to you, go forth and multiply

Could you do a bit more for those who are wasting their time on the internet?

Serf said...

They are doing fine thanks, putting on weight and keeping us up.

Do a bit more? Like not writing anything for them to read?

Anonymous said...

Do a bit more? Like not writing anything for them to read?

No, like go forth and multiply to compensate for those who don't.

Anonymous said...

Belated congratulations.

James Higham said...

...least integrated immigrant groups have large families...


Anonymous said...

Very interesting data, but it's a problem difficult to solve in a liberal democracy.

Perhaps we should take on a vigilante role, go around putting holes in condoms.

Anonymous said...

a problem difficult to solve in a liberal democracy

It seems to me that the problem is rather resulting from a lack of liberal democracy.

The coercive nature of the welfare state punishes working parents and rewards unemployed parents.

A modification of these incentives would reduce the "breeding" of unemployment. Giving parents the same privileges as other disadvantaged groups could be part of such a modification.

Quotas and affirmative actions exist or are proposed for many groups. Why not for parents?

Anonymous said...

The human race taxed into extinction

Anonymous said...

Now that would be something. But what animals would take over?

Serf said...

I think Colin has the right idea. The incentives are very perverse. The government tries to place the burden on businesses rather than looking to itself.

If husbands and wives were able to transfer tax allowances, and if children were granted tax allowances to be used by their parents, then working people might find having another child less of a burden.

Anonymous said...

"The human race taxed into extinction"

The human race is increasing in numbers. The members of the middle class are not reproducing. Biologically, the welfare state is a huge breeding program for the less able and less willing.

The fact that humans don't like death, doesn't make it disappear and the fact they don't like genetic differences of abilities doesn't make everybody an olympic winner.

Begging your pardon for this biological analogy, but what will be the outcome in the long-run for farmers reducing the numbers of their most productive milk cows and increasing instead the reproduction of cows producing the least milk?

We might not like the answer but that doesn't make the outcome less unavoidable.

Anonymous said...

sig heil baby