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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Free Movement of People

Were we right, or were we wrong? The UK was one of only 3 countries that opened its doors to the citizens of new EU members, back in 2004. The government very obviously lied to us about how many were expected to arrive. Because I believe in personal freedom, I was actually positive about us "doing the right thing" at the time. Now I am not so sure, and neither is Frank Field, former minister in the Blair government. Mr Field's particular area of interest is welfare, and he thinks that immigration is placing a huge burden on public services.

"We foolishly went ahead and had an open-door policy and instead of between 5,000 and 13,000 people arriving, in the first year something like half a million did."
Now he wants to limit the numbers coming from Bulgaria & Romania.
"We've now got Bulgaria and Romania coming down the road at us. We need to impose those barriers until there is a Europe-wide policy."
It's difficult to argue with the logic that says, if everyone shuts their doors, then they will all come to Britain.

However, I have one big problem with the whole argument. If we are being told the truth (that they all come here to work) then their utilising public services should be no problem whatsoever. They are all tax payers after all. If they are unregistered, welfare cheats or otherwise criminal lowlifes, then that's a different matter, but that is certainly not what the government is telling us.

So which is it? Are they useful additions to the work force or a drain on public services?


James Higham said...

What then, Serf, is your take on the Rivers of Blood speech?

Ellee Seymour said...

The Conservative Cornerstone group has just published a paper saying something along the same lines.

I agree with what you both say on this, we have to be realistic and place the needs of our citizens first, as well as considering if we have suitable infrastructure for more large numbers to arrive.

Do you know the exact numbers of those who have settled in the UK as a result of enlargement?

chris said...

I would certainly say that most of them will be a boon to Britain and the British economy. But if they do accelerate the collapse of the Welfare State then that in itself is reason to invite them in.

Serf said...

On Rivers of Blood: I think Enoch Powell was wrong. Immigration does have its problems, but over selling them does not help. It was over reaction by those against that led to the PC state were in today.

Ellee, a recent study found that only 2/3 of arrivals from Eastern Europe actually registered. So nobody really knows.

Chris: I hadn't thought about it from that angle. Lets invite more :)

James Higham said...

I can give you some stats on that for 2003 - 42% of new arrivals from the former Soviet Union, female, aged between 18 and 25, absconded. It's a talking point over here [see my post - the interview with the Russian girl although it's implied in her comments, to be honest].

Anonymous said...

It is a puerile , futile, and counterproductive intellectual exercise to fret over the invasion , by external forces taking place .

It is all a contrived plot , the outlines and designs were laid out in the late 40's. The seeds of the multicultural society were sown that far back. Today we are witnesses to the harvest of the planted seeds. More and more invasion will take place, unless there is a revolt and a government change in policy from the present open immigration and a welcome to all to a policy of an iron curtain against immigration. Half measures will not do if a resolution of the problem is genuinely sought.

Scenes like the washed out on the beaches of canaries islands being comforted by tourists ( a fat cow like woman towelling off an illegal transgressor and giving him water to drink) is a clarion call to all would be refugees to hasten to the first available boat and sail for El Dorado for a "better life". Millions are going to heed the message , not thousands.

An illegal immigrant is a border violator, a criminal. They should be dealt with in the appropriate manner, and not feted and housed in receptions centers , given mediacla attention and then ,instead of deportation , released in towns and cities.


How will these parasites be a boon to our country,as one who has had his work opportunities virtually destroyed and his wages cut,what possible benefit to the country is putting me on the dole,just so joe pole can rampage drunk in our streets and cheat me and my family out of a decent standard of living,that is the construction industry,you will soon change your tune when they begin to infiltrate the middle class preserves.

chris said...

If you hadn't noticed, and you probably hadn't, globalisation already effects every strata of society. Including the middle classes. However since many professions are based around manipulating information rather than physical things they can be done just as well on the far side of the world as with the worker actually in Britain. This is why globalisation started affecting the middle classes before the working classes, but by jobs leaving rather than people arriving.