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Friday, July 28, 2006

Our "Partner" the EPP

The joy and excitement of recieving an EPP newsletter is almost too much to bear. So I thought I would share some of their insights with you.

EPP AND EPP-ED GROUP PRESENT PROPOSALS TO ADOPT THE CONSTITUTION BEFORE 2009 In a joint letter sent in June to the Austrian Chancellor and President of the European Council, Wolfgang Schüssel, they said "the continuation of the ratification process is inevitable since fifteen member states have already gone a long this path".
So a treaty that requires unanimous ratification must go ahead, as a majority has accepted it. Hmmm.
EPP CONGRATULATES TOPOLANEK AND ODS FOR THE VICTORY IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC The President of the EPP, Wilfried Martens, has congratulated Mirek Topolanek, President of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), for his “great victory” in the elections hold on 3rd of June in the Czech Republic.
For those of you not concentrating, that would be the election that ended in complete stalemate.


Chris Palmer said...

"Our Benefactors" more like.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff... I pity the poor soul who had to write this thing. The stuff about the constitution is particularly amusing - the word optimistic is an understatement here, I'd go for deranged.

AntiCitizenOne said...

FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,,1833407,00.html