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Monday, March 13, 2006

EU Money Causes Bulgaria Ruckus

Bulgaria is a long way from the grip of the superstate, and yet our cash is already causing problems there:

Controversy about the control of European Union (EU) funds erupted last week between Assen Gagauzov, minister of regional development and public works, and Petar Mutafchiev, minister of transport and communications. The conflict is about who will control the state Road Agency (RA), which governs the EU funds.
Now these two may be no more than typical empire building politicians, though Bulgaria’s recent history should give pause for thought. It is none the less an instructive example of how free money leads to a political system that is about the spoils. Anyone who has seen the state of Bulgaria’s roads knows that they need investment, but welfare inevitably leads to a corruption of priorities, at the very least.

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