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Monday, March 13, 2006

EU is Uncompetitive Shocker

I am sure this will come as a major surprise to all of you, but the EU is uncompetitive and the situation is not improving.

The European Union (EU) will fail in its plan to boost economic growth and employment unless it further streamlines its reform agenda and benchmarks performance of its members, the influential Bruegel think-tank said in a study.
Wow, why didn’t someone tell us before? Mind you we could have guessed, given the goals of The Lisbon Process:
The EU’s Lisbon reform agenda, named after the Portuguese capital where it was launched, seeks to boost growth and employment rates so that the EU can afford its generous social policies amid an ageing society and global competition.
Economic growth, so that we can afford to stifle economic growth with socialism is not a normally recognised recipe for success.

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