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Friday, January 20, 2006

No Expansion without Constitution

Those federast tots in their Strasbourg Playpen are continuing to throw their toys onto the floor. They don’t want to see the kindergarten allow more children in without clear rules as to who gets to play with which toys, and who pays for the cookies.

The European Union should close its doors to new entrants until it sorts out what to do with its half-dead constitutional treaty, the European parliament said on Thursday.
Of course dealing with death is difficult for the young and innocent, so I’ll put it gently for them: The constitution has gone to heavens darlings, it wont be coming back. But I’m sure it will be happy there.
Many EU diplomats believe the most likely solution is to strip down the treaty to its most important elements and to produce a slimmed down text, probably in 2008 or 2009.
They could always include some pictures so that the poor little things could understand exactly what they are voting for. Not that we will get a choice in the matter if some have their way:
Nicolas Sarkozy, French interior minister, believes he could ratify a smaller constitutional treaty through a parliamentary vote instead of by holding a second referendum.
Do what you like old chap, its dead once the British Public get their hands on it anyway.

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