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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Doctors Shafted by ECJ

Following a European Court of Federalism ruling, GPs throughout the UK face the prospect of making honest mistakes that could get them into real hot water with the VAT man. From Pulse Magazine (a trade newspaper for GPs):

The BMA is making a desperate attempt to delay new tax rules which will force three quarters of GPs to register for VAT. The rules are based on a European Court of Justice decision and will have to be implemented eventually. But the BMA has pleaded with the Government not to hurry them through in time for the start of the next financial year in April.
Look at it like this. Doctors know nothing about VAT. If they are forced to comply with this ruling from April, they are likely to at the very least have to spend more time pleasing the taxman than their patients. Worse case scenario:
Practices would need to consider reducing the amount of work which was liable for VAT or even break up partnerships in order to fall below the VAT threshold. the BMA said. Hasty change risked Practices falling foul of severe penalties, it added.
Isn’t it great how the wise men that rule us think it is a good idea to take Doctors focus off their patients and on to other things. I hope they are able to get a stay of execution, but the combination of a meddling ECJ and a greedy Chancellor is a deadly one indeed. Thanks to Thersites for the Article

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