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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tony Please Tell Him to XXXX off

Its hard to imagine a man more easy to hate than Jacque Chirac. Almost every week though, he goes to great lengths to increase my antipathy toward him.
President Jacques Chirac raised the stakes in the battle over Britain's £3 billion-a-year EU budget rebate yesterday by saying Tony Blair should give even more money back to Brussels.
Ok so far he is saying nothing different from the others.
He also insisted that the EU must not touch farm subsidies paid out under the common agricultural policy until the next budget runs out in 2013.
So we give up our cash, whilst he hangs on to his. If Our Dear Leader was half a man, he would challenge the great thief to a duel. Back within the rules of normal diplomacy however, what reason is there to even talk to this man? Sod the budget, its not like we have anything to lose.

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