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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Putting the World Economy at Risk

Whilst I am not the greatest fan of trade talks, with their false zero sum game mentality, the truth is that the WTO is the best option we have right now. So when the EU puts damaging protectionism at the heart of its strategy, I am doubly mispleased.
Australian Trade Minister Mark Vaile has accused the European Union of putting the success of World Trade Organisation talks at risk by failing to make any significant offers in relation to market access.
Here we have a process which could free world trade up a little, with potential benefits for millions and what happens?
This has been caused by the failure of the EU to make a meaningful offer on market access. France and other EU members have taken the EU to the brink of collapsing the round.
The bastards put all the potential benefits at risk for the sake of what? An immoral system of subsidy and protection that we never wanted in the first place. Who will lose the most?
The EU are the ones putting this development round at threat (and) developing countries will suffer most.
Stick that one where the sun doesn’t shine Mr Chirac and don’t lecture us on air ticket taxes to help the third world. You and your government are the biggest enemy of the world’s poor and that includes poor consumers buying over priced food in the EU as well.

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