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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Diversity Means What We Believe

The EU likes to paint itself as the protector of Human Rights. Its view of these rights has a tendency to exclude the right of others to think differently however. This is a classic example.
Poland could lose its EU voting rights if its newly elected president continues to oppose gay rights and seeks to introduce the death penalty, the European Commission warned yesterday.
The fact that this warning is based on nothing more than the fact the Lefties in Brussels don’t like him, makes it even worse.
European diplomats will be watching the negotiations carefully after the success of the new president, who made his name as mayor of Warsaw. A strongly conservative Catholic, he refused to allow gay pride marches and supports the death penalty.
You see, unless I am very much mistaken, Poland is a parliamentary democracy, and the President is not in a position to bring in the death penalty. So this is no more than the Euro Elite, sticking their oar in where it is not needed. A repletion of the Haider affair in Austria. You see, the EU believes in diversity, unless it is diversity of opinion.

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