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Friday, September 02, 2005

Tanks are Dangerous!!!!

Under new noise at work regulations, anything that vibrates is apparently not permitted. This will have a rather negative impact on our ability to defend our selves.
Defence chiefs are fighting to prevent the Army's tanks being stopped in their tracks by the introduction of a European directive on vibration and noise at work.
From now on exercises will be conducted on flat tarmac surfaces, and the soldiers will drive family saloon cars. To protect from the noise of the guns, soldiers will pretend to shoot each other. At least when it comes to combat, the regulations may not be implemented.
A spokesman for the Health and Safety Executive, which is implementing the legislation, said "national security" considerations could mean certain employers were exempt. "If you are in a combat situation then clearly it will be difficult to bring in these regulations," he added.
Well at least that’s a relief. If you think George Bush is in trouble now, can you imagine the problems that could be faced by his successors. Forget crimes against humanity, this man ordered thousands of people into battle where it is noisy. Extradite him to Brussels immediately.

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