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Friday, September 02, 2005

Swear Allegiance to the Flag

Following the shocking discovery that the London bombings were the actions of British Citizens, much has been said about the need to integrate our immigrants and their children. Many have suggested that they should swear allegiance to the flag, much like they do in America. Unfortunately the EU likes the idea.
Immigrants to Britain will have to swear an oath of allegiance to EU laws and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, rather than the Queen, under a proposal announced by Brussels.
I swear to uphold the idiocy and international nannying contained in the vast number of expensive and counterproductive EU rules and regulations. I understand that as a European I have the right to bleed my new country dry under the provisions of the Charter of Socialist Rights. God save Barroso. But lets not worry our government will never allow it, will they?
The oath of allegiance to the EU — which could be in addition to or in place of the oath to the Queen — would be subject to negotiation, but the Government cannot veto it because it gave up its national veto on EU immigration law last year.
You thought we had problems with disloyal immigrants now. In future they will all being wearing Blue Burkas with Yellow Stars.

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